Monday, August 22, 2005

About New Zealanders....

I've been in NZ for 4 months. I've met a lot of New Zealanders. I'd like to talk to how I feel about New Zealand people.
Generally, they are so kind and friendly and they enjoy their life style. I think most of them are more diligent than Koreans. They usually go to bed early and get up early. At the weekend, they enjoy their hobbies such as cycling, hiking and fishing. I don't know about New Zealander exactly, so I don't know their mind. I've just felt that they are very social and they love their nature and lives. They've tried for the high quality of life. I like New Zealanders.
I'd like to know more about them.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Che-Ju Island

I'd like to recommend a beautiful island which located in the southwest sea of Korea. The island's name is Che-Ju, the biggest island in Korea. Cheju is a good place that the newly-married couples go on the honeymoon. And as the proverb says Cheju has many 'three things' more than any other country. 'Women,wind,stones' is three things. The reason of proverb is interesting. The reason why Cheju has many 'three things' is as following. In the days long-ago, so many men were fishing than farming. But they often met storms at sea. Then the ship was wrecked in a terrible storm so they lost their lives in the storm. So there were more women than men. But it doesn`t happen now.
Cheju's scenery is quite similar to NZ's scenery such as beaches, trees, sky. Because Cheju island is made from volcano. So I think Cheju's beaches are very similar to Phia or Muriwai beach. I really like beautiful places. I can show you the pictures.
Let's see the pictures. <---click
If you see the pictures, you'll probably get a good feeling.
I strongly recommend Cheju Island to you.

When I went Cheju Island.... What a handsome guy!!! ^^